Our Plant Leasing Service

Tropical Plant Leasing services include plant maintenance, plant leasing, and plant sales. We also offer the best indoor office plant rental service in Miami to help you make your office environment refreshing and invigorating.

Our Exclusive Plant Leasing Program

Through our plant leasing program, we provide all the plants and decorative containers for a low monthly fee. Under the plant leasing program, all plants arrive at your location fresh and young. You are guaranteed a noticeable improvement in your surroundings through delicate greenery that allures. Our plant leasing scheme offers a full-service plant rental in Miami.  You can choose from our wide selection of indoor office plants and foliage to make your office environment lively and energizing. 

All the plants in our plant leasing program are carefully selected. Each one of them is perfect for the environment inside office buildings and work cubicles. The plant leasing program is quite affordable and budget-friendly; you’ll be charged on a monthly basis. Once you lease the plant, you will be allowed the replacement of plants under certain restrictions. We have a large selection of plants to choose from! We even can guide you on which tropical plants will be best suitable for specific areas of your commercial space.


Plant Purchase with Guaranteed Maintenance

If you’ve got plants and you either don’t have time or expertise to take care of them properly, you’re at the right place. We offer exclusive plant leasing and maintenance services through our expert horticulturists. It may be difficult for you to keep your plants green as their maintenance and care must be in the experienced hands. But with our plant maintenance services, you no longer need to worry. Our experts have got the right tools and extensive experience needed for tropical plant maintenance and care. You’ll get regular maintenance visits and expert care at very affordable monthly charges through our plant leasing and maintenance package. So, keep your surroundings green and refreshing with plants well-maintained by our expert horticulturists.

Taking care of plants is a daunting task, but our plant maintenance and care service will make it hassle-free for you. You only need to pay some monthly charges, and our experts will take the hassles off your shoulders

Buy Tropical Plant

If you do not want to deal with a monthly expense, we can provide you can buy tropical plants online from Miami’s top tropical plants company. Browse our plants and find out the one that seems a perfect match for what you have in mind. We will provide you with a free “care sheet” detailing what you need to do to ensure your indoor plants stay looking healthy and vibrant.