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Tropical Plant Leasing Services

We are a professional interiorscape company that has been providing the finest interior plants, orchids and palms to businesses of all sizes in Miami Dade and Broward county for almost 30 years.  Our courteous and knowledgeable team of service technicians have 1 goal, 100% customer satisfaction.

Miami Tropical Plant Solutions

Plant Leasing Program

In our plant leasing program we provide all the plants and decorative containers for a low monthly fee.

Tropical Plant Leasing in Miami Florida

Guaranteed Maintenance

All services are 100% guaranteed, replacements at no additional cost. Restrictions apply.

Office Plant Maintenance and setup Company

Outright Plant Purchase

If you do not want to deal with a monthly expense, we can provide you with the plants and plant containers and you maintain them yourself.

Florida Tropical Plant Nursery

Tropical Plant Leasing is among reliable names in Miami Dade and Broward counties to provide the finest indoor office plants, orchids, and palms to a plethora of customers. By delivering one-of-a-kind services to hundreds of clients for over 30 years, we have earned the stature of being among the providers of high-quality and environment-friendly tropical plants Florida.  Our team of talented professionals doesn’t hesitate to push its limits to satisfy the customers. The 100% customer satisfaction speaks volumes about our services.

  • Improve workplace ambiance with shape raised plants
  • Huge selection of budget-friendly decorative containers
  • Offering replacement of deformed or defective plants
  • Rotating orchid and bromeliad arrangements
  • Professional service and on-time delivery
  • Free consultation and customer support
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Browse Our Plants

We work directly with only the finest growers in South Florida to personally select the plants that best suit your needs.

Indoor plants improves air quality, health, and attendance in the workplace!

Aside from making your working environment more visually appealing, indoor tropical plants add various health benefits as well. Research verifies that indoor plants are proven to inspire worker productivity and increase workplace satisfaction.

Additionally, the “green” attributes of plants include a positive impact on indoor air quality, vastly improving health and attendance in the workplace.

Tropical Plant Solutions Miami Florida

Tropical Plant Leasing Program in Florida

If you want to revamp the look of your workplace in Miami, tropical plants can be your go-to option. Get them now for a low monthly fee.

100% Guaranteed Maintenance

We offer services with a 100% maintenance guarantee and replacement without any additional costs for Florida tropical plant. Conditions apply.

Outright Tropical Plant Purchase

Don’t like the idea of a plant leasing program florida, would like to buy plants in Miami? You can purchase the plants and containers right away and maintain them yourself.

Upgrade Workplace Ambiance With Tropical Plants

Do you want to refresh the look of your workplace? You should bring the indoor office plants to give an aesthetically appealing look. Employees will feel more fresh and motivated to work. We help businesses to transform their working environment into an inviting atmosphere by providing them with tropical flowering plants in Florida.

Our professionals with specialized expertise will help you in choosing the best Miami tropical plants. We take into account the setting and color scheme of your workplace and give you the best options. By choosing us, you will be assured of getting a perfect look with appropriately chosen and placed Miami tropical plants. You can take your workplace to the next level of elegance with contrast created by fully maintained tropical flowing plants in Florida.

The most interesting thing is that indoor office plants not only make the working environment more aesthetically appealing these also bring various health benefits. According to different research results, indoor office plants can improve employee’s productivity and elevate job satisfaction. 

Besides this, the “green” attributes of Miami tropical plants will ameliorate indoor air quality. Thus, your employees will feel better and healthy. It will ultimately lead to better attendance in the workplace.

Florida Tropical Plant leasing

Browse the Best Tropical Plants in Florida

The appearance of your workspace at first glance is actually a reflection of you. So, if you want your office, home, or events to leave an everlasting lasting impression on others, bring some Miami tropical plants. Browse our collection of tropical plants and scroll to choose the best options.