Why Office Plants?

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Indoor plants reduce sick building syndromes

In a two-year study of an office, Professor Tove Fjeld of the Agricultural University in Oslo, Norway noted the reduction in fatigue, headaches, sore throats, cough and dry skin.

Plants also cool by a process called transpiration, which, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, decreases air temperature in offices by ten degrees. A recent study out of Washington State University demonstrates that plant transpiration in an office environment releases moisture, creating a humidity level exactly matching the recommended human comfort range of 30-60%.

Similarly, the same study concludes that in an absence of plants, the relative humidity in offices runs below this recommended range. When the relative humidity of office air is too low, costly materials such as wood become damaged and crack. When the relative humidity is too high the condensation of windows and exterior walls can result in costly structural damage.

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Plants in the workplace attract, retain and enhance attitude of today’s selective employee

Surveys conducted by Unifi Network, Westport, Conn. report numerous factors that assist in managing today’s competitive workplace market. The data indicates that in order to attract and retain top employees, the workplace must include aspects of what inspires employees during “off” time.

American working force-cite gardening as their favorite hobby. Perhaps this “green thumb” passion explains why humanizing the workplace with green plants is a highly effective method to promote employee satisfaction. Copious studies such as those conducted by Dr. Ulrich and Dr. David Uzzell from Oxford University verify the positive effect plants have on employee perception and disposition. In the final analysis, marketing research (Krome Communications, 2000) confirms that employee attitude and retention is a top incentive for corporations to continue interior landscape contracts.