Why to Use Indoor Plants?

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Indoor plants reduce sick building syndromes

Environmental Protection Agency has reported that sick building syndrome results in health costs, absenteeism, and lower productivity. It accounts for as high as $61 billion a year.

That’s why employers use indoor landscaping to reverse the effects of this syndrome for a win-win situation. When employees enjoy the working environment, they feel healthier, and their productivity increases. Thus, as an employer, you will earn higher productivity.

Indoor tropical plants reduce possibilities of headaches, fatigue, cough, sore throats, and dry skin. Plants use the transpiration process to cool which decreases the office temperature by ten degrees as stated by the US Department of Agriculture. Indoor office plants release moisture to maintain the ideal humidity level of 30-60%. However, without indoor plant usage, the humidity level will be too low that damages wooden furniture and fixture.

Indoor Plant Maintenance Services

Indoor Landscaping for Aesthetically Appealing Ambiance

A business can only achieve success with the help of talent that it has onboard. Nowadays, selective employees aren’t just attracted to the remuneration, fringe benefits, job description, or cringeworthy mission statement. They consider the organizational culture and ambiance as well. Thus, indoor landscaping can play a pivotal role in attracting top talent.

Work as well as refreshment corners in offices can be converted to highly rejuvenating spots through tropical plants surrounding. Indoor plant usage can be an ingenious idea for humanizing the workplace to elevate employee satisfaction. Indoor plants at commercial places can be restorative and calming to workers as well as visitors.